My College Days at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon

Here is a photo of me during my college days, back when my hair was more plentiful and my weight less so.
One of the glorious onion fields that helped pay for my undergraduate studies. (Belair Farms, Nyssa, Oregon)

Weatherford Hall, a landmark building on the Oregon State campus and my home for seven wonderful years. Now undergoing renovation.

My friend Dan and I battling it out for bragging rights in our hallway on the 4th floor tower of Weatherford.

A crude scan of my first semiconductor design during my graduate studies, a multi-level decision feedback equalizer for disk drives. Unfortunately, it had a design error that was only detected when I put the actual chip through its paces. (We did not have adequate CAD testing tools in the Electrical Engineering department at the time of this design.) And then the revised version couldn't be fabricated because the department ran out of funds for fabrication. A disappointing learning experience.

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